.NET Database Abstractions

Automatic start when windows logon set backup time for every database auto db set backup location fo..
Copy sql exports directly from phpmyadmin comparison results are color highlighted easily synchroniz..
Net desktop application that generates from c# data access layer for sql server & create ms access d..
This tool is specially useful scrud for programmers who don’t want to (or from cannot) use generate ..
It is efficient & has class many options for interacting with data both mssql synchronously database..
Integrate easyofficeexporter in your projectjust add the project to your solution excel & start usin..
This diary is a employee directory for windows phone this is a new employee directory apps. Employee..
Datatable dtsheet1 = (filename. To display a sheet in a gridview datatable control 3 lines of code n..
For each table one c#/ class layer is created generate that contains methods for scrud operations. A..
Fetch data with signle line of functions fetch data with custome column’s name fetch data with sorti..
Manage customer + manage products + setup your company profile + manage invoices aspnetmvc + generat..
Net generator desktop application that generates stored procedures for crud operations for the whole..
What is included full excel source code example files example project heavy commented example & libr..

Database Abstractions