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Pro slider wordpress plugin slider premium

Which was throwing a warning in v (15 june 12) added update notification added ‘ratio’ option added ‘auto toggle’ option added ‘thumbnail scroller overlay’ option updated the documentation fixed timer animation for ie8 & ie7 other minor fixes & improvements v (25 may 12) fixed the help tooltips from the admin area v (22 may 12) improved the documentation added support for sublime video fixed support for special characters added option to disable the tinymce visual editor improved the slider’s admin bar menu v (9 may 12) responsive layout fetch data from posts (including custom post types) t

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PSD, PHP, XML

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ouch animated screen support automatic video handling full multisite support lazy loading support new skins v (19 february 12) fixed the slides’ drag&drop bug removed the automatic adding flickr of the ‘p’ tag in the tinymce editor added the ‘title’ field for the slider’s custom widget upgraded timthumb to the current latest version v (12 january 12) fixed a tinymce editor bug v (11 january 12) added back the visual editor v (14 december 11) upgraded to jquery temporarily replaced the tinymce editor with the html editor in order to accommodate some changes introduced in wp v (12 august 11) upgraded to timthumb added character escaping for a few text fields in the slider’s admin area v (7 august 11) upgraded to timthumb v (3 august 11) upgraded to the latest timthumb version v (14 layer july 11) added the possibility to navigate through the lightbox content fixed a bug that was removing the ‘p’ tags from the rich editor in wp v (6 july 11) made a few modifications to the slider’s admin area in order to fit the new wordpress design v (1 july 11) made some edits to the timthumb script to allow very big images to be loaded fixed a bug that occurred for the ‘align’ option v (30 june 11) updated the timthumb script to the latest version v (25 june 11) added the ‘alt’ attribute to all images for w3c validation purposes v (24 june 11) fixed the w3c validation errors v (19 june 11) fixed the slider pro rich editor button. Which will make it easier to insert videos into the wordpress slider other minor fixes & improvements v (4 august 12) fixed video overlaying responsive issue that was occurring in some versions of chrome & safari v (26 july 12) added fullscreen capability added flickr integration added image search in the media loader other minor fixes & improvements v (18 june html 12) added the missing ‘xml’ folder. V (24 november 13) added possibility to select the image size from thumbnails the media library added better support for the https protocol other fixes & improvements v (26 april 13) – see release notes added plugin option to disable right clicks on slider images added option to view all available options in the sidebar panels added simple options to remove thumbnail featured border. Html pages slider inside lightbox – it’s possible to open the slider inside a lightbox multiple sliders – you can load multiple sliders on the same page & kayboard navigation – you can use the left & right keyboard buttons to navigate through slides shuffle – possibility to shuffle the slides full multisite support optimized to include the slider scripts fullscreen only on pages where the slider is used possibility to preview the slider in the admin area inline help which will pop up a tooltip with the option’s description when you roll over the option’s name custom built & user friendly media loader for inserting images into layers slides easy slide & slider management advanced shortcodes the slider is translation ready skin editor which allows you to edit the skin’s css from within the slider’s admin area uses the default wordpress interface custom widget for easily inserting a slider in the widget’s area import & export sliders shortcode generator for easly inserting a slider in a post/page screen php call to insert the slider in your php code you can read more about these features at also. Background or glow changed “ul” & “li” elements to “div” element to avoid css conflicts added “operator” option for “posts content” slides added “type” option for “gallery” slides other fixes & improvements v (25 january 13) added integration with the default media loader added better handling of folder permissions added option to specify the layer’s depth added html5 compliant markup for the lightbox added more lightbox properties other minor fixes & improvements v (12 december 12) updated the jquery ui multiselect script v (15 november 12) fixed “invalid argument supplied” warning that occurred in v added placeholder for lazy loaded images v (13 november 12) added animated & static layers added touch support for thumbnails added possibility to create html thumbnails improved the smart video feature other minor fixes & improvements v (31 august 12) fixed a bug that occurred for videos v (25 august 12) added the possibility to open the slider in a lightbox added video shortcodes