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Admin can send dpo consent data breach notificaiton to selected users by plugin choosing roles. Data..
List user personal data gdpr from wordpress core & 3rd party extensions consent on a 1 single page s..
Wp job manager & contact many popups more are restricted with almost anything based on any combinati..
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Ticket agents topics map ticket topic with agent help groups & auto assign comment tickets to agent ..
The exchange rate information used for widget instant & shortcode is taken from the source site at 1..
Some content data will require your to submit your transaction id so csv the website can confirm you..
Plugin features 360° circle 360-degree-circle-tooltip tooltip regular tooltip toolbar unlimited tool..
Fits container width the redirect301 plugin takes very seo browser low space in hosting no coding kn..
Features live automated chat plugin unlimited chat technicians simple & elegant design fully customi..
What differentiate post aam plugin from others is that it allows to manage access to your website re..
All widget acf fields in visual composer with acf builder field picker template you can add advanced..
This mode is already in development & when selected it automatically javascript creates the material..
I’m writing this to you wordpress to expose the greed ads glands of those who think they can siphon ..
Alert email on leave) & add different types of call to actions wordpress to your campaign (optin sub..
It allow you restricts auto suggest results to specific countries. It also allow you to restrict the..
Reorder capabilities roles the wordpress admin manage menu. Do rename you administrative need to hid..
Useful informations about your wordpress installation let’s output the wordpress memory usage login...
| addition of options panel with import/export functionality 2013 02 14 | added support for dashboar..