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.net mysql media library

Add lib reference or project reference to your new mysql or existing website & start using the library. Mysql database storage self managed file cache manage photo albums photo comments (multi language support) manage videos (store only codes or links to videos) video comments (multi language support) file cache dependency provider for custom file cache store or memory cache store self monitoring tool .net for database access – provide you the information for improved file cache system depending your needs. For concrete examples of usage see the mvc4 demo app or the aspx admin application. T

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No - Standart
.NET 4.0
Active Server Page ASPX, C# CS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, SQL, XML

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he purpose of this library is to help developers to build a media gallery website or extend an existing website. Net framework c# image resizer wrapper for clean & self explained code single interface for data access installation scripts administration website included with user access protection api documentation content delivery network for images ready public cache headers for images mvc4 razor demo web app aspx admin web app foto