.NET framework Add-ons

Why jquery is it a nice alternative? other than the price factor we just mentioned. You will find a ..
For more information please comment or send me a message before you buy html. Make sure your url web..
Script tags are automatically added by the “true” paremeter of registerstartupscript included two wa..
An project is provided containing a working implementation of the player html5. This is javascript a..
Dependencies various members of the elektrokit solution depends on the vb.net visualstudio assembly ..
Content block #5 for responsive webmountain note. Add a stunnig content add-on block to your webmoun..
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We used yahoo stock to get net the live price & done all the extra work to get it in this single dll..
Numbers grid & custom dates with large number of filter options simple search & advanced paging cont..
Webmountain is gallery free for both personal & commercial use. Visual photo gallery content block#2..
Add a stunnig google map to your webmountain website add-on. This is an add on that requires easy th..
Net class library assembly & source code direct access to configurable class properties mapped to we..
Modern grid layout with metro parser style template. Gelang asp mvc grid will make grid control in m..
This is a link class library office mso (dll). Parsing links from submitted plain text (generating a..
Sql query sql analyzer form just looks for stored connection strings in your configuration file & lo..
You can also convert asp.net it rss to datatable & use it. Net module which helps you to read feeds ..
An audio player for tag html5 featuring seek both the server style side & the client side component ..
An studio easy way to arrange the tab index in a win form or user control addin using a listed tree ..
Just add your api key & it will start working send sms to any number in the call world based on webf..
Weather current weather & forecasts “what is the weather” artificial pairing “pair my device” wikipe..