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This ensures that threads are not taken away from high availability applications causing the dreaded “service unavailable” message task/background work long structure jobs – flexible mechanism for creating complex background operations strong name signed – allows referencing thread-safe in other application that are strong named signed & also installing into the gac scheduler. Net assemblies debug polling files (pdb) monitor xml comments (intellisense) usage documentation api documentation 2 x console demo application mvc demo application webforms demo application winform demo application c# sour

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.NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 3.7, .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5

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ce code visual studio 2010 sp1 & 2012 solution example of how to use the parallelscheduler in conjunction availability with multiple the urlreaderbackgroundwork to infinitely poll a url every 5 seconds. Console windows concurrent worker forms wpf webforms pattern mvc windows services web services (xml/wcf) silverlight azure the component also ensures that many pitfalls are not encountered tasks including. No deadlocks no threading memory leaks – clean up through the dispose method & consider problems such as the lapsed listener no exceptions leaks – exception handling to ensure undesired termination of the application does not occur threadpool & service unavailable handling – gives control of whether threadpool work threads are used (by running observer default no). Execute tasks at configurable intervals run multiple tasks at different intervals using 1 parallelscheduler configure whether background tasks use the threadpool or create their own thread specify whether the task should run infinitely or for a limited number of times add observers for any background task having the observers alerted each time the task completes allow the observers to manipulate the output from the task that completed specify how the observers will be executed by the parallelscheduler – sequentially or concurrently configurable multi-tasking exception handling just in case a task does not handle its own exceptions loading news feeds clean up operations sending emails without reducing the responsiveness of the ui monitoring internal & external high resources updating devices or other services threads with new information refresh your data sources from external/internal web services monitor database tables for changes or new information monitor inboxes for new emails process video