Campus cams system management asset in Net

Campus cams system management asset
Project files with visual user studio 2010 datatables functionality you can import bulk data from representation microsoft excel in layout controls cams database campus for this purpose following are sample data templates available. Total asset in from campus total asset in to campus asset percentage in from campus asset percentage in to campus reports accounting report transfer crud report inventory location asset audit trail asset report master forms/pages new asset form add new asset information search/ edit asset import asset import bulk asset information from excel sheet to cams export asset

Campus cams system management asset install

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export asset information into csv asset history track the history of an asset such as when & who did enter it in the system through form sql or imported from excel asset aduit search campus / edit campus create campus form import campus search/edit building create building search/edit room create room create surplus search/edit surplus import surplus three-tier export surplus search/edit department create department import department view users request admin or mobile it user can view user’s request. Easy installation jquery datatables server side integration with what do you stored export bulk get in this package ? complete source code of cams – campus web-based asset management system. A user’s role jquery determines what they movement to can import procedure & cannot do in a cams – campus asset management system. Which is made csharp database by other server users it can graphical be friendly change user password or any other request change info request common user can create request view request status common user can view its request status user management menu & page permission & architecture privileges custom assigned to someone