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The actor scene director events props states events timers & all game related classes are not limited to any dimension & can easily be expanded to handle 3d games by modifying the rendering engine as you please you can easily make 2d or 3d games however to keep the project small. It is designed in 3d such a way that modules can be ‘dropped in’ without effecting the way other modules behave for xna example if a ‘networking’ module for online gameplay is developed to suit the gameworks sd engine it can easily be added to any existing gameworks sd project or future projects even if the project

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.NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, jQuery
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is compiled its a simple matter of recompiling the assembly with a compatible networking module & replacing the library. Framerate counting event counting initializing mouse & keyboard input game states debug states for scheduling events that only happen in debug mode timer states for scheduling various actions with callback functions actor1 could shout ‘i am hungry’ & throw an event “findfood” where you would call your ai module & have actor1 find the nearest occurrence of prop type “large steak” direction actors game objects (props) scenes (collections of actors & props & their events to be directed & observed by a camera) basic collision detection (object2) this could be used for the bullets rpg of your gun if (enemy1) then gameworks sd is heavily commented so making modifications to the core will not be hard should you wish 2d to add functionality or change the way core features work. The included demo project “gameworkstest” is a small demonstration of the core functionality provides just remember that the creativity you wish to express with the gameworks engine gdi is up to you & because the source is provided. So how & what does gameworks sd do? gameworks is based on the dcsap system i have developed the ‘director’ holds a ‘camera’ pointed at a ‘scene’ filled with ‘actors’ & ‘props’ just engine like a hollywood movie actors & props are placed inside of a scene where they perform their various duties