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Limited scheduler task concurrency

All the multi threading difficulties have been taken out of managing this process usage & works perfectly concurrency scheduler with the default settings sempahoreslim. Net assemblies debug files (pdb) xml comments (intellisense) usage documentation documented api console demo application c# tasks source code visual studio 2010 sp1 & 2012 solution example of how to use the pipelinescheduler with priority scheduling (with aging) background. Rest or another api maximum high performance computing with limited number of calculators sending emails for marketing campaigns handling ui driven workload

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centralized workload manager with multiple client on varying platforms performing an unknown number of tasks very high performance simple to use extendable task scheduling with pre built fcfs & priority scheduling uses logical processor count for number of pipelines unless explicitly configured documented api support provided at. Number of pipelines to use for executing tasks – locking funnel level any number of tasks/work into a fixed number of pipelines use of threadpool or non threadpool threads backup concurrent auto wakeup event with performance configurable executed interval mechanism for waking persistent sleeping tasks (normally not needed. The job component provides you work with a simple but powerful & robust way of funnelling tasks through a fixed number of pipelines based (threads) in your