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Pc reverse controller
Easy to implement with only 1 line of code (to see all the function continue to read)   only need to open the selected port in your modem & not in the client connection modem full source code included server. Reverse pc controller is a remote administration tool that use reverse connection & multi threading vb to connect the server application with one or multiple client (asynchronous) that let you to send/receive command. Encode a string to base64 decode a base64 to string encode a string to full md5 hash get desktop screenshot get process list kill process get clipboard content type get send

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C# CS, Visual Basic VB
.NET 2.0

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clipboard text. Name & os of the connected users right click on user for send commands function used to send & receive commands function to generate unique id for each connected user use of tcplistener & tcpclient multi threaded auto delete a server from the list administration when is not reachable code or is closed auto accept the connected servers auto retrieve the information from the connected server very easy to add function or send command already contains command send & command receive example. Reverse connection fully commented source code host resolver build in (without external service) asynchronous connection customizable multithreading auto reconnection example function (msgbox & close application) easy to implement new function function to receive message or command from the client function .net to noip send message or command to the client use no ip host & customizable port for the connection already contains command send & command receive example   function already writed but not implemented