.NET Social Networking framework

It allows the administrator network group to add/remove & make another user(s) as administrator. Fil..
It’s social a .net simple plugin library that allows you to access public streams in under 5 lines o..
Does the de search engines bots influence sending your web youtube site to the first page. Did you f..
Signup via facebook & more professional ajax uploader for uploading & publishing audio files mp3 aud..
Search for competitors & export a list to csv/excel api for further analysis view your competitor’s ..
Multiple language user interface supported advance mail engine for customizing mail templates & crea..
Net framework microsoft sql server 2014 microsoft iis 8 or higher microsoft mvc 5 app angular js smt..
Features 15 beautiful responsive designs (with latest bootstrap compatible) asp.net include all basi..
It indicates the visitor has an interest in your business & wants to hear from you people who click ..
User can networking choose asp.net any social account to login (currently sociallogin+ supports six ..
Upgrade premium account badges will unlock abc reward or reward can be awarded automatically complet..
Rewards can be unlocked either by calling on certain function user purchased premium membership or c..
Forgot password internal & external authentication via owin authentication youtube videos embed via ..
Professional user channels with social connectivity & portal lots more data access layer photo suite..
Give each tag a priority & more categories management with advance n tier parent / category listing ..
Similar allows the administrator group posting to add/remove & communication make another user(s) as..
Requirements chat server with rooms iis for mvc 5 mssql documentation admin jquery panel login. For ..
Being able to share your url of your profile & even share your profile box on any internet provider ..
The app will automatically save a file with your links in app folder bot. Just select what websites ..
Our software setup the number of threads automatically so the app traffic don’t consume so much ram...

Social Networking