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Synchronized methods (running the same thread with application) await to asynchronized (running in separate threads). Project debug files xml comments (intellisense) how to use it async in your project ? in short you need to write few lines of code. Fast & very intuitive library for managing threads & task threading that needs to be done asynchronously what this software can do ? basic thread manager manages all kind of your task. What are the advantages ? very high performance simple to use & distribute sample app with multiple demos inside support what do you get in this package ? full source

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code of basic thread manager full source code of live testing tool called basic thread manager sample app very well documented code project files with visual studio 2010 compiled dll pooling & exe files dll. What can this do for me ? manage all kind of your task (class methods) display cool window with very configurable progressbar queue (and window also) redirect all progress data to thread your own progressbar or whatever you have eg