Audio html5 playlist with player media

Audio html5 playlist with player

Thumbnails or both in playlist items optional vertical volume optional autohide volume optional music circular progress (with whole new demo examples) optional keyboard events for audio navigation public api methods available play audio pause audio toggle audio (play/pause) song stop audio (unload) next audio previous audio load audio load playlist add visible/hidden track(s) to current playlist remove visible/hidden track(s) from current playlist input audio (play sound without creating any kind of playlist data) toggle shuffle toggle loop destroy audio destroy playlist check scroll reinitialize

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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scroll get/set volume get/set autoplay set ajax title get setup done get playlist transition get playlist loaded get media playing get audio inited get media type get active item get playlist item(s) get playlist hidden get playlist list get media count get playlist data get sound id playlist items ordering methods reverse playlist items randomise playlist items remap playlist items from array swap two playlist items position callbacks available setup done playlist loaded playlist end sound play sound pause sound start sound end playlist item triggered playlist item enabled playlist item disabled playlist item rollover playlist item rollout on playlist empty on drop receive more items by tean. /li> load visible / hidden playlist add visible / hidden tracks to playlist remove visible / hidden tracks from playlist create inline text or image song links (demo included) new & improved api methods new soundcloud & improved api callbacks fixed playlist reordering bug & completely rewritten playlist processing optional vertical volume optional autohide volume optional circular progress (with whole new music player demo examples) optional keyboard events for audio navigation optional playlist item rollovers with api callbacks automatically create titles. Playlist options available plugin html markup xml playlist (xml examples included) database playlist (sql youtube examples included) html5 auto create playlist from folder(s) of mp3 files podcasts soundcloud (track set. Last update few more code improvements/bug fixes last update cleaned/improved flash embedding download code last update version update sound engine to html5 audio responsive layouts included new skins included (light & dark) optional sortable & draggable playlist items with optional remove buttons (drag songs from your own streaming container into the playlist/player. Drag & sorts songs podcast from multiple players etc… with touch punch) optional playlist item mp3 link to url optional playlist item remove button optional song artwork (auto generated audio thumbnails)