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Dock html5 menu gallery

All you need in order to setup the dock menu gallery in your html document is just one line of code. Which can be dynamic or static set the tooltip background color & the text size & color it has an autoplay option mac for when the mouse leaves the gallery set the autoplay speed it can open urls when an image is clicked you can choose the location or name of the window that is opened at click the performance of this product is so good that you can have multiple dock menu gallery instances set to autoplay in the same page of your project or website many other cool features. Gif) also with transparent

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
HTML, JavaScript JS, XML

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backgrounds set the component gallery canvas width & html5 height set the thumbs minimum & maximum width & height. Fixed various bugs related to the latest version of jquery (v ) highly customizable html5 dock menu xml with a nice design. When they are small & expanded set the dock menu canvas gallery images space set the horizontal or vertical presentation set the thumb border size & color tooltip thumb option