Hd html 5 game platformer action 1 HTML5 Games

Hd html 5 game platformer action 1
Iphone android windows 8 universal updates 6/15/14 | changed | customizable out of ammo message 6/15/14 | added cyclical auto health regeneration 6/15/14 | fixed ammo reset bug 6/15/14 | fixed spring jump animation 6/15/14 | fixed level 1 exit/unlock bug 6/15/14 | changed level 1 intro animation plays only once hd per level 1 per game 6/14/14 | performance enhancements 6/14/14 | fixed player health bug customize drag & drop new levels & enemies 3 enemy types with platformer custom ai & adjustable attack parameters mech. Swap out enemies with different images & maintain the enemy ai (respect dimensions)

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add up to 36 high custom levels swap out any scenery images or platforms (respect original dimensions) swap out title screen (respect dimensions & button placements) features hd gameplay (1920 x 1080) 2 bonus games 12 levels (more coming soon. Desktops touch or mouse html advanced c2 development using (for easy exporting to other platforms) c2 source files included completely customizable. Note on exporting to platforms please note this is the html5 version of the game & requires special steps to export to other platforms. Rt windows phone 8 windows desktop definition mac desktop linux desktop blackberry 10 firefox marketplace tizen facebook chrome web store amazon appstore gameplay use arrow controls or on screen touch controls to move