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Html5 ultimate video puzzle

It uses jquery & the html5 canvas & video element in order to render the puzzle pieces. A version with it’s javascript code hidden in an image landing to make the copycats life harder a version using just the normal minified javascript code the html5 video puzzle works in modern web browsers such as the current versions of firefox & google chrome. Normal puzzles are too easy for you? the brandable html5 video puzzle is an interactive puzzle game created with jquery & the html canvas & video element. Animate pieces or not pieces per row pieces per column your image or video what happens after t

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Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
HTML5, jQuery
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

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he user finished the puzzle (you can hidden specify a callback function which gets the game duration passed) this page product contains two versions. This image script can be used for creating a tricky & engaging landing page or just another game site for your website portfolio