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Internet proradio radio player
Change stream quality (if you have multiple streams)) fontawesome to deliver scalable graphics for no quality loss on larger shoutcast dpi displays css3 transitions where possible best deployed as popup or iframe so proradio your listeners can keep browsing your site while listening clean responsive design which adapts player down to maximum of 360px width platforms & browsers windows. Requirements php 5+ php curl extension with enabled remote access (check with host) lastfm developer api key (optional) shoutcast/icecast admin access or mysql access to sam broadcaster some space to cache artist

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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images style radio (optional) if you have issues with player. Icecast stats php icecast class includes amazing php caching broadcaster class that works with memcache. Flash fall back) lastfm & itunes apis to get artist image (allows custom dark images too) includes 12$ worth php player class multi server shoutcast. Apc (user cache) green & hdd cache (default) allows your sam listeners to customize experience (turn flash on/off