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Mega css3 menu down drop

Internet explorer 7+ firefox 2+ clean safari 3+ opera 10+ chrome 1+ 09/29/2013 – grid version replaced the contact form grouped the scripts in a single file 06/25/2013 – version updated the file 05/17/2013 – version fixed issues in (recoded most of the script) adapted the css for a better mobile experience 03/24/2013 – version recoded large parts of the css markup completely changed / updated the script files adapted the html markup with new classes to avoid conflicts made the menu 100% responsive grouped all menu variants (horizontal & vertical) dropped internet explorer 6 support removed ie css

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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hacks (not necessary anymore) removed duplicate html examples 03/15/2012 – version rewrote entirely the mobile script for touchscreen devices () added css media queries making the mega menus responsive updated jquery 10/26/2012 – version added the ability to align the drop downs vertically (vertical versions only) 10/19/2011 – version grouped the light & dark variants into the css navbar (now you can switch between them just by changing a class) reorganized all the html files in each folder improved compatibility with touchscreen devices fixed some minor ie specific issues improved the css3 browser specific markup 08/06/2011 – version added a simple working contact form added a full browser width variant (the menu remains centered) 05/05/2011 – version recoded large parts of the main css changed the organization of the files made a few minor adjustments in the html grouped all color variants in the css removed the reset which used to lead to confusion added a ie specific css stylesheet (for gradients & minor fixes) added navigation bar gradients for ie 6 8 completely changed the way to handle the full width drop down variant (no more negative margins) added a “right aligned” vertical variant made a few design improvements. So they don’t overwrite your existing stylings moved the reset in a separate css file dropdown you can now use safely this mega menu drop along with my css sticky footer 09/29/2010 – version removed some unnecessary css code improved the responsive right alignment code 09/22/2010 – version initial release if you browse my portfolio. Especially with the dark theme combining the megamenu “columns” or the “full width” variants is much more easier 03/15/2011 – version added a dark variant of the drop down navigation small improvements for ie6 (graphics) 11/30/2010 – version css3 fixed a small bug in ie8 added a 2 levels drop down added a bonus vertical mega menu 10/20/2010 – version added a full width drop down variant separated the previous version () & the new one 10/14/2010 – version more specific css classes. This item comes with 9 color variants (and 2 color sleek schemes for the drop downs – dark & light) mobile & a detailed fly-out documentation to help you to customize it. % responsive mega menu working contact form 9 color schemes horizontal & vertical layouts full width variant easy to customize valid html/css3 simple markup cross browser support down up to 6 columns typography examples form stylings left or right alignment help documentation this menu has been tested (and works