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Add social links to the side of your website quickly & easily with this highly customizable set vimeo of styles. Icons choose from 100 icons derived from a number of online services & several general icons to animation create the perfect sidebar for your twitter site. Component styles add shadows facebook & youtube rounded corners to the mix bar quickly & easily. Aid android apple blogger (x2) bookmark (x2) bubbles (x2) bullhorn cog (x2) css3 delicious deviantart (x2) dribbble (x3) facebook (x3) flattr flickr (x4) forrst (x2) foursquare (x2) github (x5) google google drive gplus (x4) heart home

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(x2) html5 (x2) instagram joomla lanyrd lastfm (x2) linkedin linux mail (x3) paypal (x2) picassa (x2) pinterest (x2) power reddit rss (x3) share skype soundcloud (x2) stackoverflow star steam (x2) stumbleupon (x2) thumbs up tumblr (x2) twitter (x3) user (x2) users vimeo (x3) windows windows8 wordpress (x2) xing (x2) yahoo yelp youtube (x2) icomoon – font icons used in the sidebar links. Fancy label styles for just the right fit when the icons are moused over