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Rectangles) version styling history (10/1/2016) – initial release other links about author – data ninja at data icon ninja portfolio at heatmaps data ninja’s wordpress blog data ninja’s youtube video channel leaflet data ninja’s email. This easy to use library html5 allows non programmers (and programmers alike) to create a wide variety of customized markerclusters streetmaps using straight html leaflet.js (no javascript coding necessary. ) javascript create custom streatmaps with the following markers mapbox/leaflet built in features. • streetmap styling(supports the 14 styles) • multi color m

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CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON

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arkers • multi color markers with jquery fontawesome icons • image markers • custom popups (html only) • custom popups (with images) • custom popups (with slideshows) • heatmaps • markerclusters • streetmap directions • streetmaps with various shapes (polygons