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Tabs tabicon framework
T_t_bluish_dark t_t_greenish_dark t_t_browinsh_dark t_t_lightseagreenish_dark t_t_lightcoralish_dark t_t_grayish_dark light css responsive tabs’ colors. T_b_bluish_light navigation t_b_greenish_light t_b_browinsh_light t_b_lightseagreenish_light t_b_lightcoralish_light t_b_grayish_light dark tabs’ colors. T_t_bluish_light t_t_greenish_light t_t_browinsh_light t_t_lightseagreenish_light t_t_lightcoralish_light t_t_grayish_light *the class animation names above html represent the respective colors. This class will make the extreme corners of css3 the extreme tabs of the right aligned tabs rounded. T_b_bluish_dark t_b_greenish_dark t_b_browinsh_dark tab t_b_lightseagreenish_dark t_b_lightcoralish_dark t_b_grayish_dark light body colors css2

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