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Tooltips animated megapack

That means it may not work fading properly in older browsers. That’s the only disadvantage of modern css3 tooltips animations effects. Effects flash bounce shake tada swing toolbox wobble pulse flip 3d flipinx 3d flipiny 3d fadein animated fadeinup fadeindown fadeinleft fadeinright fadeinupbig fadeindownbig fadeinleftbig fadeinrightbig bouncein bounceindown bounceinup bounceinleft bounceinright rotateindownleft rotateindownright rotateinupleft rotateinupright rollin all animations are pure css. Css3 animations sliding use hardware acceleration natively. Jquery doesn’t that means you’ll have tooltip much more smoother animations css3 animations are the same on desktop

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Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS3, jQuery

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