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Script automatically thumbnail detects that & show an html5 doesn’t supported error & a classic uploader form as well. Canvas etc… pure js – ajax requests & other manupulations for simultaneously uploads needs json only as a returning result from server – that means you can use javascript any server side platform with drag our script we provide & php scripts with package also we give the idea in the documents that would uploader be under the hood of your script our script features. Drag & drop files watermark for images thumbnail ajax for images adjustable thumbnail resolution upload for all

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

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file types resize image file filter icons for types file size limit progress bar upload limit adjustable classes oldschool upload when html5 aren’t supported (web form & mvc) example php example added aspect ratio(thumbnail) to php example added aspect ratio feature. Simultaneously multi uploads via ajax requests drag&drop support support for all type files icons for file types watermark for each image that is being uploaded – exclusive new progress bar thumbnail of each of them if you want easy to implement. Php example improved image width & height rule resize image php example wanna an uploader script? don’t file wanna belong to any js frameworks like jquery? wanna customize it easily