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Zoomer html5 plugin fwd

You can use any size for your content (image) scale & the loaded content will adapt viewer based on the plugin size (width & height) specified in the configuration fluid xml file. With this feature the visitor will be resizable able to hide the map navigation controls in order to see the image behind the controls & the on /off button can zoomer be pressed again in order to make the controls visible again enlarge. This means that by setting a zooming factor html5 percentage at 50% the image will be zoomed 50% (half) of the initial simple zoom factor & align marker the zoom point to center. On

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mobile when a panning marker is touched adn it is in its final position & zoom level the tool tip will appear if it is not disabled large. When a marker is pressed or touched the image will pan zoom to the point in landmark which the marker is positioned & align the zoom point tool to center