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Accordion jquery jaccordion

Circular timer… powerful api & events – slideshow accordion offers 18 public methods & variables & 8 events to customize appearance & behaviour on the fly multiple instances – fallback you can use multiple accordions (instances) on one page slide style autoplay – you can set shadow or border of slides via css. Particular or no slides links accordion supports linkable js slides or multiple links inside a slide smart links – only links of fully open slide are clickable (this functionality can be disabled responsive for all or particular links) html4 & html5 support – accordion api supports ht

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ml5 & even html4 markup such as divs. Custom themes – you can create your own accordions faq mobile with a little knowledge of html & css responsive – accordion looks great no matter what device your visitors use & it’s responsive even with disabled js easy to understand – every api method or timer variable. Themes • vertical options • events • api • documentation links to slides – it’s possible to link to a slide of any instance of accordion even from a different page js navigation fallback – accordion keeps basic functionality even with disabled js tons of options – 26 options let you customize behaviour & appearance horizontal of accordion to suit your needs animated elements – use additional attributes to fade any html element or animate change of its position inside a slide transition settings – you can specify delay. Unordered list or definition list orientation – horizontal & even vertical accordions are supported lots of easing methods – accordion (well jquery) supports only 2 easing methods – ‘linear’ & ‘swing’ but you can use jquery easing plugin to add 30+ different easing methods preloader keyboard control – you can optionally control the accordion using arrow keys