Animated 40 svg icons media social JavaScript Networks

Animated 40 svg icons media social
These animated svg icons are kickstarter the twitter facebook perfect way to send your customers to your social media. You media can even specify which icons will be affected dropbox by putting their numbers in between the brackets. //have an animation on rollover var hoverscale svg = much does evernote the icon grow on rollover var instagram speed. //play animations on page load compatible with all social forrst major browsers smooth javascript animations there are no flash or animated gif elements here dribbble. Icons included addthisicon amazonicon beboicon behnaceicon bloggericon animated deliciousicon

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deviantarticon diggicon dribbleicon dropboxicon evernoteicon facebookicon flickricon forrsticon githubicon googleicon groovesharkicon instagramicon kickstartericon lastfmicon linkedinicon myspaceicon picassaicon pinteresticon quoraicon rssicon sharethisicon skypeicon soundcloudicon stumbleuponicon technoratiicon tumblricon twittericon vimeoicon wikipediaicon wordpressicon xingicon yahooicon youtubeicon zerplyicon easy to edit using these icons is ridiculously easy