Box story jquery plugin JavaScript Media

Box story jquery plugin
Templates the power to be always unique cms available features css transitions works on all major devices lightning fast interaction extremely fast setup works independently supports random animate.css effects mobile support based on jquery 24 classic entrance effects + 10 easy zen entrance effects 20 exit effects entrance effects new zenfadeinup new zenfadeinright new zenfadeindown new zenfadeinleft new zenfadeinupbig new zenfadeinrightbig new zenfadeindownbig new zenfadeinleftbig fadeinup fadeinright fadeindown fadeinleft fadeinupbig fadeinrightbig fadeindownbig fadeinleftbig bounceinup bounceinright

Box story jquery plugin install

Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

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bounceindown bounceinleft flipinx flipiny rotatein rotateindownleft rotateindownright rotateinupleft rotateinupright pulse swing wobble flash tada exit effects | optional hinge fadeoutup fadeoutright fadeoutdown fadeoutleft fadeoutupbig fadeoutrightbig fadeoutdownbig fadeoutleftbig bounceoutup bounceoutright bounceoutdown bounceoutleft flipoutx flipouty rotateout rotateoutdownleft rotateoutdownright rotateoutupleft rotateoutupright themeforest usage if you want to use the story box in your theme here on themeforest too please purchase 1 extended license for each theme (as long as there is no developer license available) you put on the marketplace. If you have questions about this agreement please contact animations presentation us. More stable display version 10 javascript new zen effects version 10 theme css new zen effects. April added better support for website the newest versions of jquery better. Story box because development every appear website has to offer an unique experience bringing your themes