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Cards social jquery plugin

Scripts are loaded asynchronously to decrease intial load content time option to show widgets inside the given element or in a dialog popup in addition to the social plugins linkedin. There is also a copy to clipboard widget for link sharing beautiful ui design all gradients & effects plus are created with css3 easy to localize full customization is available via plugin options light weight well documented this plugin uses zclip for copy to clipboard functionality & it is inspired by morgan allan knutson’s work on dribbble hope twitter that you enjoy the plugin & feel free to contact us pinterest w

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Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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ith any questions that might come up. The best part is that the scripts plugins are loaded after button click google. – 03/10/2012 added a new option to load social the widgets inside the given element – sharing 02/29/2012 initial release. So you don’t need to facebook worry about the network performance bottleneck of social widgets