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So you can continue chaining improved the text_front_only option in ie fixed several other ie issues (mostly commerce related to using variable store image heights) changed option “front_img_height” default to ‘auto’ products changed option “container_width” default to ‘auto’ (fluid width) the frame top margins moved from css to plugin options “front_topmargin”. Unlimited scrolling unlimited number of images customizable frames 14 example styles/usages out of the box fluid slider width (suitable for responsive layouts) optional headers optional description text optional hyperlink optional autoplay (

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paused on mouse over) keyboard support lightbox support animating right to left language support multiple instances per page uninterupted navigation (try quickly tapping the arrow keys on your keyboard) advanced. You can still use 3d the external easing plugin if you are especially picky on your easing or want to add some special effects improved support for future jquery versions css flexibility improvements performance tweaks fixed a compatibility issue with jquery (header text shop became “undefined” when left empty) moved some css to plugin fashion settings to have a clearer seperation of settings/styling nicer default easing types 100% width now takes the parent element’s width (not always the body width) basic setup example included fancybox example included note when upgrading. Callback functions contains fully commented source code contains documentation/help file contains example cases to get you gallery started fixed a bug where boutique was not responsive with “frames” set to 3 cleaned up css & style customization updated fancybox example to match newer versions of that plugin you can carousel now supply sliding your own tags instead of just the image’s alt attribute for header text. Fixed bug introduced in (links of distant frames firing on click) added behind_distance as plugin option (option to manually set the horizontal etalage distance of frame 2 & 4) minor usability tweak (images are now style undraggable (in supporting browsers)) jquery version rotating compatibility fix