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Create your zooming own google chart & this jquery plugin will transform it into a zoomable scrollable chart. There is also a function that is chart provided for you so that you can have links that change the currently zoomed in range. The height of the lower scrolling chart any additional google chart variables that you want to be applied to the lower chart & not to the upper chart the x axis minimum & maximum range (date or number) the default zoomed in minimum & maximum range (date or number) the number of labels you want to show on the lower chart’s x axis the format for any dates in the a

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xis labels an onchange() callback function that will get called when the user changes the zoomed in range an ondrag() callback function that will be called as the user drags/resizes the zoomed in range gracefully dynamic degrades to just show the chart if javascript is not enabled note. In the graphs & every generated html element has a class applied for easy google css styling (it only generates 9 elements). You can also pass in a scrolling date just like you do in php to get the labels formatted just the way you want