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Color material picker plus
Width | height | swatch diameter | columns color picker javascript title custom footer button bar with custom callback actions two display modes. Bottom left | bottom right | top left | top right delay open css & close timers custom material options to close the color picker. Rgb | rgba | hex | hexa | hsl | hsla | hsv | jquery hsb | hwb | cmyk parsing colors alpha channel/transparency color picker appearance. Material color picker is a jquery plugin that lets you get design the color picker used by the android operating system. Close when selecting a color close when pressing the esc key close

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, LESS

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when clicking outside of it callbacks to trigger custom actions callback function when initializing callback function when opening callback function when selecting a color callback function when closing callback function when canceling a full online documentation with a up to 20+ usage examples a bootstrap basic example file included in the package set options using data * attributes html5/css3/jquery mobile friendly source files & distribution files ready to use in your project external files