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Twitter timeline slider facebook shortcodes comments plugin visual frontend text editor for wordpress javascript html5 3d creator wordpress notification builder job wordpress plugin i owe a big thank you for the following user websites. Facebook comment slider improved animation effects facebook share comment slider added dark style added a timed shake effect to the icon until the traffic comment slider not open added animation to display the facebook icon you can use your custom url to replace the facebook logo for your own image fixed. Fully responsive ability to lock the screen until the

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user leave a comment fixed box slider position automatic slide in when the visitor reach the bottom of the page you can enable or disable the user can close the networks slider ability to set up timer stream to fadeout the slider you can specify your own notice viral spread. Choose from more than 70 languages selectable direction of the slider you can set up to open the slider automatically just once per user set the number of comments to display link to the moderation tools for facebook with your appid fancy jquery animation with fadeout & slide effect automatic url recognition (users can comment on the specific page of the website & the homepage as well) detailed documentation transparent background when the screen locked unlock screen with click on the background (if you allow to close the slider for the users) users can leave comments with 4 service providers animated (facebook. After a user already opened before minor improvements on mobile view facebook comment slider added lightweight scrollbar to view older comments replaced jquery to like to avoid conflicts with older templates or plugins facebook comment slider minor bugfix & improvements social on frontend facebook comment slider fixed minor visibility bug don’t display the timer