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This plugin is designed to jquery inject data into a users clipboard whilst they are copying data from your website. If you are looking to add predefined data to the clipboard without the user instigating a copy / ctrl-c paste. This plugin cannot directly negotiate data social interaction between the users clipboard & the browser due to security reasons cmd-v. The reason for this is to insert a link back to your inject website share to increase the visiblity cmd-c of your site & gain a wider audience through social media. Insert data into users selection add link back to your website when a

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Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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user copies content from your site assign selection threshold – add extra content if x amount of words are selected 100% javascript – no flash ie7 + chrome safari firefox 3+ opera this plugin uses jquery it makes use ctrl-v of the function but could easily use bind in earlier clipboard versions of jquery