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Countdown circular jquery plugin

/12/2013 – version modified the position of the numbers canvas on mobile devices (vertical centering fix) 09/29/2013 – version updated jquery & the scripts in 04/03/2013 – version made the countdown fully responsive changes apply to all files included progress in the package 01/06/2013 – version initial release. The countdown works but the circle coming / arc shapes unique are not jquery easing displayed. This plugin mixes a jquery fancy countdown combined with canvas shapes easy clock to configure date via a construction set of options. Clean & original countdowns easy to integrate & set u

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

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p language packs included easy color clean choice jquery easing effects lightweight markup cross browser support documentation included internet explorer 9+ chrome 4+ firefox 4+ safari 4+ use opera on older under versions of these browsers counter (like ie. You’ll be easy modern soon able to create simple