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Cropper image plugin jquery uploader

I look forward to your comments on the work of the plugin with plugin attached php script with an example image save i also plan to make such a plugin specially for wordpress & for other similar cms the image cropper plugin is created for a more convenient cropping of an image in a browser before sending it to the server. Mark the area you need on the photo & click cut than the selected uploader area with photowith other parameters ( tipe. Want you to pay attention if the image is very large it is reduced to the available size of the window your web browser but the size of the image when it

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is cutting remains unchanged it allows you to cropper work with large formats. User loads the image in size200px width & height to 1600px eventually the image will reduce without losing of quality to the size of width loader 1200px height. Plugin allows to set your own styles at hover or focus upload photos to the server using the standard boot after uploading photos you can meet plugin that allows you to crope the image but it does not cut it on the fly(immediately) & finds coordinate x & y