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Sized & positioned low resolution preview (enlarged commerce thumbnail) while downloading the zoomed image (except store in ie) optional easing of the zoomed image movements optional item autoplay optional descriptions/captions unlimited number of images align etalage left/right. Minor performance improvements option “smallthumbs_position” can now also be set to top option “show_hint” is now false by carousel default added fix for unwanted wrapping small thumb row slider usually caused by zoomed in browsers bug fixed for when right image aligned small thumbs didn’t scroll in firefox new examp

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le page. Customizable callback product functions works in all common browsers (and ie6) includes documentation & commented source files includes an “absolute basic” & 6 more example zoom files to get you started fashion new plugin option. Where image_number is the new active image added an gallery example of using etalage with fancybox added an example of using shop callback functions added an example of using a custom zoom area element minor performance improvements & removal of depricated jquery functions fixed a bug with external controls when there boutique were no small thumbnails out of range even more precise zoom image positioning. With the zoom area on detail the opposite side small preview thumbnails can be positioned below or on the left/right (vertically) multiple instances per page possible right to left language support optional external controls for previous/next/specific image advanced