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) to their newest versions & adjusted script where necessary other minor improvements jquery & speed enhancements 04/08/2013 update added option to predefine album id’s so that only these albums will be shown other minor improvements 03/15/2013 update fixed error where script occasionally doesn’t load static all images in album api (up to specified limit in settings) added additional sorting criteria & numbering option for albums & images for better debugging (manual will be updated accordingly) other minor improvements 02/18/2013 update added internal check for empty facebook albums or alb

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ums with undefined content that would otherwise break the script 02/11/2013 update added optional social share feature for facebook. Can be used to target these classes specifically) fixed occasional error where smart pagination doesn’t correctly calculate numer of items per albums page fixed error where the link to the full size image (disk icon) does not always use the correct link other minor js & css improvements updated internal 3rd party extension to newest versions updated link to new manual 07/18/2013 update added option to hide search bar other minor js & css improvements updated manual & new help & support forum 06/12/2013 update added option to automatically shorten album names to prevent line breaks added option to show album name either above or below thumbnail sort fixed error where floating control bar couldn’t be turned off 06/02/2013 update images added pagination feature (set number of items per page. Use automatic pagination or disable pagination) added lazy load feature for all album & photo thumbnails added search graph & filter feature for albums added option to match album thumbnail look with photo thumbnail look floating control settings bar now available for album & photo thumbnails other js & css improvements 05/09/2013 update added option to pre define initial sorting direction (asc. /11/2013 update released code generator to automatically build required html & js code to load & initialize the gallery 08/24/2013 update added option to toggle album information section & show or hide section as default added 2nd cloud based image scaling service to create thumbnails added option to disable automatic iframe detection & height adjustment if gallery is embedded with cross domain iframes (not recommended to embed responsive this way. Date updated) added optional second back button below album detail view for albums with many pictures 05/06/2013 update fixed error where controlbar tooltips reappears after first album call even if it’s set to be disabled some css improvements 05/02/2013 update changed from facebook javascript api to direct facebook graph requests via json to (hopefully) avoid future “access token” requests added third lightbox (prettyphoto) made script fully functional when embedded via iframe (script will detect iframe & adjust height accordingly