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But the key feature of fancyscroll vertical plugin is that it gives you control linking over sections’ background images. Update 07/15/11 – “onhashchange” support added to scroll page with anchors update 08/10/11 horizontal mode is now available. It provides methods for linking menu with sections of one page deep site & scroll from one section to another scrolling with easing. Especially their offsets & speed with which they move relatively to the content horizontal & page itself. Check update 27/04/12 ie7 support added addscroll() method has been changed to accept with arrays added onscrol

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l callback function fixed problem with non numeric values in backgrond position in one-page ie update 04/07/12 new “limit” attribute added to control offset of images fixed bug with non numeric values in background position for “fancyscroll background” divs added new callback functions added new configuration parameters added updatemap() method to update fancyscroll object for responsive designs credits & sources a free stock photo site