Flipbook 3d plugin jquery responsive javascript images media

Flipbook 3d plugin jquery responsive

Added table of content added social share fuctionality – facebook & twitter added go to page option added zoom buttons to menu fixed 3d flip in safari added 9 unique pageflip background flipbook patterns to choose from more realistic 3d flip with shadow effect. Bug fixes for ie 10 added html pages – any html content can now be added to a css3 jquery page added multiple books per template page – you can have unlimited number of books per page. Bug fixes xml configuration removed – configuration is book now gallery done from plugin options object social share chaanged – added google plus & li

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nkedin buttons icons changed to icon font – now they are fully customizable – change color. Bug fixes – left page hmtl slider content interactivity on firefox added links to pags – you can link to bookflip a url or to another page fix for 2d flip animation for opera & html5 ie. Pinch zoom etc no flash player needed – works everywhere html pages jpg or png pages lightbox or full page smart page loading – only current pages are loaded choose between 2 types of flip animation – 2d or 3d flip animation customizable animation speed & transition type show all pages – vertical or horizontal thumbnails depending on the layout