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Grid ether plugin jquery slider

A good & successful example of such application is our ether content builder plugin for wordpress that takes advantage of all the options ether grid slider offers gallery. Revised documentation & more descriptive & novice slideshow user friendly examples 40 options mousewheel support grid touch/swipe support for mobile devices many custom configured elements on single page fluid & responsive layout smart autoplay image gallery options external linking – control sliders from anywhere custom transitions. Thanks to that you can easily add a lightbox to a grid of images the same way you javascript w

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ould without this plugin or have columns any other side functionality still in place when plugging in a gridslider to a specific element. Useful when there’s a grid gallery of images with customizable column spacing & images are higher than jquery column content height (practically it means vertical margins seem to be half the size). This option set to false by default allows content (such as tooltips) responsive within the column to overflow outside column borders fluid & is generally less invasive image_stretch_mode