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Then you analysis tool will be in trouble if you use default google analytics api but in gtrack it has a feature called “pooling tracking” easy if you click this element many times (100 say…) it will be polled & it will be sent to google analytics in specific interval of time (default is 1 minute) it will request as. ) pooled request (reduce traffic & limitation of google analytics) define html auto element (this is the minimum setting that you can have) put this tracking javascript $. A tool to help you maximise the google analytics potential by utilising a feature from google analytics calle

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Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari
jQuery 1.3
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d event tracking (click this link for more information). Example & companion guide) lots of example high awesome adaptation (auto track page & auto track initialisation) uses browser event (click jquery. Google analytics restricts user by having tag limited request per best session to prevent flooding google server