Javascript forms collection

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Any elements added to the page afterward are automatically run through plum no extra html validation..
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Jquery based plugin super simple to implement fully customizable protect your pages from underage vi..
It converts your inputs into an analog clock like date pickers does. Support 12 & 24 hour formats pr..
– updated to work with new version of google analytics jquery event tracking. Includes the full vers..
Add a typicall scroll after input that make any textarea look & perform like the one of facebook wit..
Javascript mainly for responsive normal users who just love php contact to fill in forms (and to sav..
The script automatically validation checks all required elements in order to make sure that they are..
This is a lightweight search script that allows visitors to php search for content simple on your we..
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Supports jquery all browsers include ie. This is a jquery plugin for select beautify support with jq..
This is a html form beautifier & validator in one jquery plugin package. You can choose from input 5..
Jquery bidirection changer (aka jquery bidi) is a light & easy to use jquery plugin which allows you..
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