Javascript news ticker

Features 200 ready to use animations theme configurator responsive seo friendly it can get news item..
Fix date leading zeros twitter bootstrap fix month fix complex rss urls news error release main feat..
Using google ajax feed api (so you don’t ticker have to use any proxy jquery server). You can atom p..
Bwl sticky animated news ticker jquery plugin provide you a great way to presents news & rss feeds i..
You will spend only 10 minutes max to completely setup the extension. This extension has been create..
Wordpress version is plugin now available. This plugin comes with three default animation effect – j..
Improved skins for easier integration into themes fixed up a bug occurring in certain situat..
The plugin jquery supports all popular xml browsers. The responsive movement of the marquee can be s..
Just live stock market data. • definable stock symbols • definable ticker direction • 3 built in the..
Includes an easy to use javascript html5 api to fire your own custom news notifications animated at ..
Do you want to display latest tweets & posts from your corporate facebook page & also latest socials..
Css3 recent modern elite ticker author quality fully tagged &. Organized hot fonts used – googlef..
Modern plugin falt responsive easy to use customize unlimited news changeable properties with unlimi..
Fancy news is a jquery plugin that lets you create an outstanding news slider. It xml also enables y..
Modern responsive ticker easy to plugin use customize unlimited news changeable properties with unli..
Main reader features modern flat html data jquery rss plugin news feed easy install responsive mobil..
Made scroller an update rss to the twitter feed functionality to work with the update of the twitter..
(see the customization options for details) please note that retrieving data with javascript the twi..
The notification animation looks amazing & comment is modern very intuitive. It’s alert super simple..
Feedget is a jquery based rss feed reader plugin that allows you to easily include a simple rss feed..

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