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The jexpose plugins comes with a dark transparent layer that shows up (and fade fills the viewport) when hovering a hotspot. The jexpose default css file & hotspot images to get you started hover. Detects window resize event & refreshes hotspot locations detects scrolling events & refreshes hotspot locations hotspots can be styled (all or individually) expose like document fading when hovering a hotspot (but can be disabled if you don’t need this effect & macos just want corners to trigger the hotspots’ methods) graceful degradation (no javascript. Jexpose is a jquery plugin that mimics mac

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Firefox, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari
jQuery 1.3
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

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os’s expose feature by adding hotspots on the browser’s viewport sides (corner & margin hotspots) which can trigger individual events by hovering screen them with the mouse. Opera & safari 3+ 8kb footprint the jexpose plugin (compressed & hotspot uncompressed)