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Small fixes in datetime checkbox filters with or logic demo was fixed checkbox filters with or logic add on radio button filters add on fixed bug with default order in different ascending browsers fixed pagination issue with ‘no results found’ range slider add onn datepicker range add onn checkbox filters + range slider + datepicker range demo page checkbox filters add onn reset button add onn different datetime formats are added to the sort ‘dropdown’ default sort option is added (sort without ‘sorting’ filtering dropdown) default pagination option is added (pagination without ‘itemps per page’ dro

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pdown) jplist fcompare plugin add on annotated source code jsdoc documentation unit tests sorting by float numbers sorting by time grid/list view demo page table with header & styles page the following options were added. Divs layout demo table demo 1 table demo 2 2 tables on the page ul numerical li demo list/grid view demo with sticky panel php + sqlite example dropdown filters with ul/li dropdown filters with select double sort demo pagination without “items per page” dropdown pagination only demo demo without sort dropdown deep linking demo checkbox filters checkbox text filter radio button filters button filters button filters group button filters & counters range filter button text filter button text filter group checkbox filter or logic (deprecated) checkbox filter & logic (deprecated) range slider date picker filter datetime 1 datetime 2 datetime 3 jplist with fancybox api example. Add/remove item & collection ready added “button filter” & “button filters group” controls & demo pages added “range filter” control & demo page added “button text filter” & “button text filter group” controls & demo pages added “counter” control “default order” bug is fixed in chrome “default sort control” is fixed “pagination only” demo page is added list/grid view > reset button is fixed range slider control ignores now all characters except numbers & dots checkbox text filter control is added checkbox group filter is added to php & sqlite demo documentation small changes data parameters bug is fixed in php + sqlite demo second text filter is added to the php + sqlite demo documentation small changes demo page with php + sqlite is added documentation update deep links api & demo page update reset button is added to ‘checkboxes group filter’ control empty collection api is added added parameters to redraw_callback function rebuild_panel_event is added demo with add/remove item is fixed button filters demo is fixed sticky panels demo is added documentation update documentation update cookies expiration in minutes instead of days deep linking functionality & paging demo is added documentation update reset button is added aphabetical to range slider control reset button is added to date picker range filter control large amount of data demo is added (1000 items on page) jplist4 is released code review better documentation sorting regular expression is fixed. Documentation update added minified versions of all jplist controls in ’/minified/separate pagination files’ folder sorting added descending 3 new events. Time auto pagination any number of textbox filters any number of drop down filters checkbox & radio button filters supports cookies grid/list view demo page fully customizable styles sortable works in all major browsers seo friendly solid documentation annotated pager source code jsdoc documentation internet explorer 7+ firefox chrome safari datetime opera works with jquery from version