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Jquery jqeasytooltip tooltip plugin
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custom themes * hover delay open & delay close new parameters * create tooltips on the fly on ajax request * 10 flat themes added * boopstrap demo added * index demo added * animation awesome forms demo added * mouse leave new config parameter * min marging config parameter (5 february 2014) * google map mobile integration * seo performance * preserve position * demos added (html. ] —amj_html features 25 themes to choose & customizable more than 300 icons jquery ready to use 10 pure tooltip css3 animations for appear & disapear customizable events effect to show. Mobile friendly jquery compatible & older versions themeforest usage if you responsive want to use jqeasytooltip in javascript your theme here on themeforest too please purchase 1 extended license for each theme you put on the marketplace css3. Javascript) * delete maps opacity images event in css * documentation updates * delete shortcode tool id tag (18 january 2014) * first release with a version transition number