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Js css browser determiner

Devices & other features new detection algorithm now you can detect version of os & layout engine with both css & javascript updated demos new testing tool added (see live preview) replaced firefox browser name from ”. “tablet” or “phone” according to the current width of the window — browser window orientation like “landscape” or “portrait” — returns true if cookies are enabled in browser — returns true if flash player is installed & enabled in browser — returns true if java is selector installed & enabled in browser () — returns the width of the browser () — returns the height of the browser ("c

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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ss prop") — determine whether browser supports the css property. Depends on whether browser supports the css3 transition property — script opposite of — returns true if it’s a mobile device — any non mobile computer. // msie 9 or less // firefox or less // safari or less // opera or less } if (("border radius")) { // code for browsers that supports the css3 border radius property } if () { // window width is 980px or more } & much much more. Including mac os — window useragent width 980px & more — window width 768px to 979px — window width is 767px or less — returns true if it’s retina display — detect — returns true if it’s touchscreen device — the name of the browser — like