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Lightbox lc plugin jquery premium
Height (not for vimeo images) elements complete preload once page is loaded adapts to your page’s code (you set how lightbox fetches contents from binded elements) full control slideshow on each animation/effect timing modal mode thumbnails script support (eg. Under element or on right/left side) (optional) closing button on corner position (for popup inner commands) (optional) navigation buttons on middle position (for inner commands) 7 preset show/hide touch animations automatic fallback on text over image on small screens or whether element becomes too small images 3 preset skins to be used &

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari
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mixed on a single page (light. Description & author) images “right click” protection show & mix multiple data type (images – html5 video – youtube – vimeo – dailymotion – inline html – iframe) fullscreen mode covering only browser or entire screen space optionally forced under target screen sizes zoom fullscreen only mode image option comments to cover available space (cropping it) or to be completely shown elements direct multimedia share download (not requiring php scripts) components toggling (thumbnails & texts). Thumbnails & texts optionally hidden by media default under social target screen sizes dynamic elements tracking html support in element descriptions 100% youtube css driven (optional) mousewheel & keyboard elements navigation touch integrations swipe >. Dark & minimal) video code projected to be easily skinned via css dual commands position (inside & outside lightbox window) specific element behaviors forced outer commands custom element width (not javascript for images) custom element height (not for images) responsive custom element aspect ratio combining width &