Manage keyworder keywords smile a with javascript miscellaneous

Manage keyworder keywords smile a with

Users will appreciate the presence of pattern visual helpers whenever ‘mysterious’ converter to or technical words are encountered in your text. Which automatically detects the text signs & converts them into smileys detects a defined list of keywords & shows their definitions in the browser’s default tooltip in a third party jquery tooltip (tipsy) just after a keyword occurrence replaces a list of date keywords with the terms defined in the corresponding definitions matches predefined text patterns & formats them in desired fashion comes with a set of pre defined dictionaries templates & css

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styles fully customisable callbacks for events & delegates for most actions easy to install & to use well documented the following samples give you an idea of the almost endless possibilities of this smart plugin. Highlight keywords’ matches tooltip plugin & insert their definitions just after documentation their occurrences expression keyword replacement. Take advantage acronyms of the delegate functions to use your own logic for match replacement operations install if you formatter need to maintain keywords. {keyworder} is themes a lightweight & versatile jquery plugin providing an easy way to manage currency your content keywords regular