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Mega responsive set complete menu

Internet explorer 7+ firefox 2+ safari 4+ opera chrome 4+ 10/29/2013 – version improved the script to handle better the switch between the desktop & mobile versions added the hammer plugin for clean better mobile compatibility 03/02/2013 – version improved mobile compatibility in added the hammer plugin for better mobile compatibility 02/21/2013 – version fixed a selector issue in slide 02/13/2013 – version improved the script fly-out in removed the custom modernizr biuld in added a fixed version of the menu (changes in ) changed the behavior of the menu on mobile devices. /23/2012 – version f

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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ixed an issue occurring under ie7 in 04/17/2012 – version improved compatibility toggle with css3 touch screen devices (added the ability to open & close drop downs) 03/17/2012 – version rewrote entirely the mega menu script mobile added a javascript file containing the script plugins (hoverintent & modernizr) removed the ie6 now requires the ie7 js library to work properly updated jquery important. /01/2011 – version improved compatibility with touchscreen devices 10/27/2011 – version improved / modified the mega menu css markup reintroduced form navigation elements (and fixed an issue with the drop downs closing when clicking on form elements) changed important classes dropdown (css) 07/17/2011 – version fixed an issue with the “hover fade” effect added 2 effects. Toggle…) fly out menu with unlimited sublevels degrades gracefully if javascript is disabled valid xhtml / css 3 markup cross browser support (tested) many typography examples ready mega to be navbar used form elements styling help documentation fade on click slide on click toggle on click fade on hover drop slide on hover toggle on hover open / close effects (1 click to open. Rewrote the entire script modified & added media queries the whole menu is now fully responsive adapted all the html files according to the above changes dropped ie6 support this is fade an important update that was necessary to improve this menu & megamenu make it responsive